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Reactions to the Winnipeg Jets Jersey with Mark Stuart

After the jersey’s were revealed, Illegal Curve spoke with Mark Stuart for his reaction to the jersey.

Illegal Curve: What are your initial thoughts?

Mark Stuart: I like it a lot, I think they did a great job, from the colours to the emblem to the whole thing, it’s great.

Mark Stuart

Illegal Curve: What are your overall first impressions of Winnipeg?

Mark Stuart: I knew the city a little bit, I knew some guys who grew up here. I like it a lot, I like the area I’m in. Yesterday I drove around for a while just trying to get to know the streets, I haven’t met a lot of people yet, I just got in a few days ago, but from what I hear the people are very nice as well.

Illegal Curve: Have you spoke to a lot of Jets about the overall enthusiasm of playing in front of a passionate hockey crowd?

Mark Stuart: I think everybody realizes that its going to be a lot of fun. The guys that are here now, are very excited to get going. Some guys here are itching to get started, because of all the fan support and the excitement around the team. It was a good summer, but it was too long, its good to be out here finally, see the jersey and get stuff going.

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Illegal Curve: What are your thoughts on the type of hockey town that Atlanta was?

Mark Stuart: It was tough, when we first heard about the sale, you’re excited for a new opportunity to go to a new city, especially Winnipeg who had been waiting for a team and deserves a team. But on the other hand you feel bad for Atlanta, as a player, that the organization couldn’t make it work there. You feel bad for the people that did go to games in Atlanta, that were fans, it’s the same thing people were feeling here (when the Jets left). Its excitement, but you feel bad for the other side, that’s how things go, you’ve got to move on, I’m very excited to be here and I know the fans here as well are excited.

The back of Mark Stuart's Winnipeg Jets Jersey

Illegal Curve: What are your expectations for this season?

Mark Stuart: I think you’re expectations are always high going into any season, and this one is no different. My expectation is that we gel as a team right away; we feed off the excitement of the city and the crowd. Obviously the ultimate goal is to win the Stanley Cup.