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Reactions to the Winnipeg Jets Jersey with Eric Fehr

After the jersey unveiling, Illegal Curve spoke to Winnipeg Jets forward Eric Fehr and got his thoughts on the presentation

Eric Fehr

Illegal Curve: What are your overall impression of the festivities:

Eric Fehr: I think they did a great job with everything, it was pretty top secret, we didn’t see the jerseys until we got onto the plane, it was great when we first got to see them. Walking out in the smoke was kind of cool it, I’m not sure how you guys saw it, but it felt pretty cool coming down the plane”

Illegal Curve: So you got into the plane, and said here are the jerseys put these on?

Eric Fehr: Ya that’s pretty much how it went, they just took them out of the case and said put this on, we didn’t look at them too long because it was time to get out there, we didn’t get a good look at it until they got out in the sun, and we got a good look there

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Illegal Curve: What kind of box were they in? Was it a gold briefcase?

Eric Fehr: They were in a big suit bag, it was closed pretty tight, it was not something you could just open up and look in.

Eric Fehr 2

Illegal Curve: What was your reaction when you saw them?

Eric Fehr: I think we all really loved it, it’s a nice jersey, I like the colours that we have, its different than all the fake jerseys everyone was trying to draw up. I think they did a great job making it a little bit different.

Illegal Curve: Eric I know you’re a big Blue Jays fan, Brett Lawrie has been tearing it up lately, what are your thoughts on the young prospect?

Eric Fehr: The guys been playing unbelievable, he hit a walk off homerun last night, I think the Blue Jays stole him from the Brewers, he’s going to be a huge player for their team for years to come

Illegal Curve: With training camp coming up, how does that impact your ability to follow the other sports ,I know you are a big Vikings fan as well

Eric Fehr: I’ll still be able to follow everything, I’m on twitter so everyone is giving me the updates of different teams, I’m a pretty big sports fan in general, I like to keep in touch with everything.