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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits Trick or Treat Edition: October’s hockey in video, Babcock takes jab at Ericsson, Rangers healthy again, a sexy Leaf costume, Pietrangelo moves up to Blues’ #1 PP.

Avs recovering from a rare loss; Sedin moves forward without his twin; Caps dealing with some injuries; Some hockey numbers so far this season; the start of the goalie mask evolution. These stories and Larry David’s thoughts on “trick or treat” after the jump.

Here is word from the blogging world:

  • Snapshots:  Mike Babcock takes a well-placed jab at Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson.  Hopefully Ericsson can use the time off to get his head back in the game.
  • Morning Skate:  Pietrangelo moves up to Blues’ top power-player unit.  They need to jump start the powerplay as it is well behind where they were last season.
  • Mile High Hockey:  Halloween quotes and notes from Denver.  Looks like fans in Denver are ready to see Svatos head for a change in scenery.
  • Nucks Misconduct:  Henrik Sedin trudges forward without his brother.  Guess he is answering the question as to whether or not he could do it without his twin.
  • Lowetide:  Dubnyk Emerging?  After what I saw on Thursday, with the Bullin wall crumbling, it will be welcome to Oil fans to have an alternative.
    Berlin Wall
  • Ranger Rants:  Crowded ice.  Good news for the Rangers that they are getting healthy again.
  • Capitals Insider:  Backstrom ailing, Green limping.  Better hope that with Green is isn’t serious.
  • T.O. Sports:  Costume ideas for Maple Leaf players.  Perhaps they should dress up and try and resemble an NHL hockey team.  Just a thoughtOr they can go like this
  • The Hockey News:  Hockey numbers you can count on.  Some interesting stats.  By the way, how ridiculous is Buffalo’s Ryan Miller right now.  Just great numbers.
  • Fox Sports (Spector):  NHLPA in turmoil.  I wonder what the PA will look like when it comes time for negotiations to begin.  Will there even be a PA?
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  Happy Halloween.  Kind of interesting to see the  start of the evolution of the painted goalie mask.

Courtesy of a Mother Pucker find, here is the month of October summed up in video form.  Goal by Semin against Philly was sick.

In honour of Halloween here is Larry David’s reaction to the threat of “trick or treat”.  Quote LD: “I didn’t think it extended to felony”.  Curb is brilliant.  Enjoy.