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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits (Friday Edition): Why Kevin Weekes chose HNIC and the reality of winning/losing streaks

Some television numbers, television analysis, NHLPA talk and Canadian Olympic team discussion after the jump.

  • Gabriel Desjardins takes a look at the winning streaks and losing streaks and how common it really is.  This is a very insightful post put together by Gabe; quite surprising results too.
  • Here are the Versus ratings so far this season, courtesy of Puck the Media.  Quite the fluctuation in ratings there, but some interesting and positive results.
  • William Hoston is amazed at how many hockey commentators are defending the Mike Richards hitAmen Mr. Hoston, amen.
  • Damien Cox writes that Ian Penny’s dismissal from the NHLPA is, in fact, good newsFor those interested in the PA issues, Cox has done a good job keeping readers up to date.
  • How hard is the switch from the AHL to the NHL? Robert Vollman of Puck Prospectus takes a look.  Not surprisingly, some drop off are expected for a couple of hot starters.
  • Kevin Weekes discusses why he decided to end his hockey career and join HNIC.  He always appeared to be the cereberal type and that is certainly on display with his explanation in this piece.
  • Randy Jones talks about his demotion in Philadelphia and subsequent arrival in Los Angeles.  Seems like he was very mature about the situation and it turned out well in the end.
    Randy Jones
  • Eric over at Tips for Hockey brings us the best 3 fights so far this season.  Rypien looks like David vs. Hal Gill’s Goliath in that first tilt.
  • Picking Team Canada isn’t an easy job for Steve Yzerman, writes Randy Turner.  I think Randy really captures the difficulty in the decision-making process and how much goes into such selections.