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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: NHL’s Bettman & KHL’s Medvedev have summit, media bias hurts California fans, getting Habs out of the basement, NHL reinstates Henry Samueli as owner of Anaheim Ducks

Ode to Craig Conroy; looking at Canucks blueline; tips on buying an Avs sweater; Komisarek out 3-4 weeks; Penguins woes on the PP; Lundqvist is back; Capitals are always entertaining; purpose of hitting; decades 10 best goaltenders; NHL is a two tier financial league. These stories and the goal of the night after the jump.

Word from around the blogs and the goal of the night:

  • Matchsticks & Gasoline:  An ode to Craig Conroy.  I’ve always liked his ability, which may be on the wane, but he still goes out and gives a pretty good effort.
    Flames vs. Coyotes for Illegalcurve 185
  • Canucks Hockey Blog:  Blue line breakdown.  A fair assessment of where the guys are right now, a question Luongo has been wondering.
  • Fools and Sages:  The plight of the Californian hockey fan.  This one’s from a few days ago but is a pretty good article talking about skepticism about fans in California as well as the East coast bias.
  • Jibblescribbits:  Your official guide to buying an Avs sweater.  With the success the Avs are having now, its good to see renewed interest in buying jerseysOf course if you wear certain jerserys in Denver, you might get attacked.
  • Pension Plan Puppets:  Komisarek out 3-4 weeks.  An injury the Leafs can’t really afford right now.
  • Lions in Winter:  Shooting for success, getting the Habs out of the basement.  Two simple, but effective means the Habs could employ to change their fortunes.
  • Hub Hockey:  The “We Want Jack” campaign has begun.  I can understand the desire for some Bruins focused media
  • Faceoff Factor:  The woes on the power play.  Best solution for the Pens problems is to get Malkin back on the power play.  Wasn’t that easy!
  • Ranger Rants:  Lundqvist to start.  Very good news for the Rangers
  • Japer’s Hockey:  The Caps are 99% entertaining.  Those are some interesting numbers and means that Caps fans get to enjoy their team leading most games.
    Ovechkin Semin
  • Hockey or Die:  The purpose of hitting.  No question about it.  Hitting has its place in hockey as long as it is within the confines of the rules.
  • NHL Fanhouse:  Reflections on the rash of injuries.  Perhaps its long term memory loss but I cannot recall a season with this many injuries to star players.
  • Spector:  The decades 10 best goaltenders.  Figured 7 would have been a little higher than that.
  • Puck Update:  The NHL is a two tier financial league.  No question about it.  Of course unlike in sports like baseball where teams with the money manage to buy the best players (hello Yankees), in hockey teams with the most money still don’t seem to buy themselves a Stanley Cup team (hello Leafs).
  • The Hockey News:  NHL lifts suspension, reinstates Henry Samueli as owner of Anaheim Ducks.   Interesting move.
  • Puck Daddy:  Chatting with Bettman, KHL’s Medvedev about their summit.  Pretty interesting Q & A with both of them.  

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Goal of the Night: