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Nightly Hockey Hits

Nightly Hockey Hits: Naslund and Forsberg show true colors, Waivers 101 – A guide to the NHL Waiver Rules, 5 best & 5 worst NHL decisions in the last decade, What all 30 NHL teams are thankful for!

When will the Wings catch a break; Oilers make a change; Winning in Toronto this season means nothing; Officiating causes consternation in Ottawa; Is Blue the new Black? These stories and more after the jump.

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  • Lowetide:  C-C-C-hanges.  Looks like he could be a good fill-in for the Oilers.
  • Babcock’s Death Stare:  When will the Wings get a break?  Hopefully the team isn’t waiting for Franzen’s return.
  • Maple Leafs Hot Stove:  This season winning means nothing.  In the words of Seinfeld, spite! At least that’s one reason you would want to win if your a Leaf fan, just to prevent the Bruins from getting a high draft pick.
  • Sen Say:  Some stats to highlight the situation.  Too bad I didn’t see the game because it sounds like the officiating was atrocious.
  • Pension Plan Puppets:  Waivers 101 – A guide to the NHL Waiver Rules.  Interesting read.  If you ever wanted to know about the NHL Waiver’s read this posting.
  • Puck Daddy:  The 5 best, 5 worst NHL decisions in the last decade.  While the NHL has been quick to accept new media, I’m not sure the same can be said of individual NHL team (with the exception of the Capitals).
  • Hitting the Post:  What all 30 NHL teams are thankful for.  Very good list.
  • Rink Rap:  Naslund and Forsberg show true colors.  This is a great story and really shows the class of these two players.
    Forsberg Naslund
  • Greatest Hockey Legends:  Olympics slap shot.  Everyone is eagerly waiting for the announcement.
  • Hockey Draft:  New blood rising.  Always interesting when you see new teams  and new stars in the mix.
  • Tom Benjamin:  Taking issue with Pierre Lebrun’s mailbag.  Doesn’t hold back.
  • Down Goes Brown: Wendel Clark wants you to show some heart.  I used to ‘Jump Rope for Heart’!!  Good charity.
  • The Hockey News:  Is Blue the new Black?  Some of these new jerseys just seem so unimaginative.  Plus those Black jerseys looked pretty damn good.