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NHL announces that the Minnesota Wild will host Winter Classic in 2021 but opponent remains a mystery

Might fans see their third outdoor game involving the Winnipeg Jets?

It is now official.  At today’s Winter Classic the commissioner of the NHL Gary Bettman announced that the Wild will host the event but the opponent has not yet been announced.

We know the Jets have been mentioned although John Shannon has indicated the Blues have the inside track

Team beat writer Sarah McLellan put out this tweet:

Traveling fan base sure sounds like it would be right up the alley of Jets fans as we know how well they travel to Minnesota for sporting events.  Of course the key factor for NBC is ratings and the Jets, despite all their stars, are a Canadian team.  To date only the Leafs (twice) and Habs (once) have been selected for a Winter Classic or Stadium Series game.

Given the rivalry between the teams on the ice and the proximity to each other from a geographic perspective the Jets would certainly make for a good opponent in the Winter Classic in 2021.

Michael Russo of The Athletic Minnesota wrote a comprehensive article about the topic.  Click here.