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News (6/7) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg

Star-Tribune:  Former Wild coach Todd Richards is a wanted man. Interesting to note.

According to sources, the Winnipeg franchise has already reached out to Richards and plans to interview him in the near future for an assistant coaching position.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Prospect of an NHL team in Quebec takes a hitIs this posturing or legit?  With all the will they/won’t then talk we in Manitoba were subjected to, you can never be too sure.  Someone might want to tell these guys as the Nordiques Nation is one of the most rabid fan bases calling for their team to return.
Nordiques Nation

Winnipeg Free Press:  Cheveldayoff accepts GM positionWe will learn more at the press conference.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Byfuglien excited to play in new NHL homeAnd we are excited to have him on the team.

Globe and Mail:  Winnipeg waiting on a nameThis is a close 2nd in terms of the fan anticipation, behind only the announcement that a team was returning.

Winnipeg Free Press:  The price of hockey greatness.   Which is why it’s nice to see that we have some visionaries in our city.
MTS Centre

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Winnipeg Free Press:  NHL schedule to be released within weeksHow exciting a time will it be when we actually get to see our team scheduled for play next season.  And as Stevie from NYC wrote, the real fun will come when we get to start dividing our seats and choosing our games.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Fans going Wild over tickets to draft.   With St. Paul being so close, not a surprise that Manitoba fans would want to head down to cheer on their 1st draft choice in 15 years.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Chipman to meet with NHL brassAbout the only thing the NHL should do when he walks into the meeting is give him a standing ovation for saving them.

Toronto Star: Winnipeg’s house cleaning leaves lingering questionsAnd had they not started fresh, that too could have resulted in questions.  It is Canada.  Question’s will be asked regardless of result.

Global Winnipeg:  True North says 100’s of tickets could go back on the marketEven if a couple of hundred suddenly come available, I guarantee that those guys would be replaced on the waiting list.

Edmonton Journal:  Call them the Manitoba MonarchsI would guess that at this point we are down to  a couple of names left that True North is kicking around, so the time for suggesting new monikers is over.
Down to 2

Times & Transcript:  Ted Nolan wants to coach againI’ve always liked Nolan and couldn’t figure out why he’s remained out of hockey for as long as he has.

Windsor Star:  NHL should thank CanadiansGood points across the board.


SB Nation Atlanta:  No Steve Belkin won’t save Thrashers.   This is why you should always take a twitter “source”  with a grain of salt.

SB Nation Detroit:  Top NHL Relocation/Expansion citiesWhile this no longer applies to us (thankfully), we can’t forget about the cities that have supported our re-entry to the NHL in their quest to get NHL hockey back.

Yahoo Sports:  Winnipeg NHL tickets a hot commodityThankfully True North is clamping down and hopefully this will result in local fans getting a chance to purchase tickets.

SB Nation Atlanta:  Nashville Predators offering Atlanta fans special ticket package.   Gotta give the Nashville organization a lot of credit.  Expect the Winnipeg franchise to model itself after the Preds.

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