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News (6/6) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg

Toronto Star:  Former GM Fletcher weighs in on Atlanta.  Interesting to hear what someone who has made the move before has to say.

CBC (Poll):  Which Manitoba singer should sing the first national anthem?  Not surprised at that vote.

Globe and Mail:  Ticket drive means big money.  Using facts to prove your point.  Appears to be a novel approach that some pundits could learn from.

CBC:  Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts (9-11).  I really like the idea of bringing in Kris King in some capacity.

Glenn Healy had the “infomercial” (as Ron MacLean called it) for Kris King during the Hotstove, but it makes sense for Winnipeg to talk to him (and that may have happened already). King wasn’t initially thrilled about being traded to the Manitoba capital, but later called those “the four best years of my career.” Not a bad attitude to have around the organization at this time.

Macleans:  The return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg.   If you have some time to kill, here is a nice retrospective of the entire situation.

Jets rally

Tom Pidgeon/AP

Globe and Mail:  Chicago assistant GM offered Winnipeg GMLet’s hope firing GM’s doesn’t become a Winnipeg tradition.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Zinger, Chevy due not so dynamic, but will work fingers to the boneDon Cherry loves the guys who cut their teeth at the AHL level, and these guys are no different.

Winnipeg Free Press:  NHL ticket brokers offside.   Am I supposed to be shocked that greed played a part in people’s purchases?

Winnipeg Free Press:  Mistake caused by ‘Whiteout’Well it got fans feeling nostalgic for the days of the whiteout at the old barn.

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Winnipeg Free Press:  True North gets its man, Team powered by Chevy.   Looks like everything is falling into place, if we could just get some indication as to the Team Name……

Leader-Post:  Team’s move to Winnipeg opens doorsPart of what is going to increase the chances of making this a successful long term venture is expanding our market to include those outside of Manitoba, including Saskatchewan, Northwestern Ontario and the Dakota’s.

Montreal Gazette:  A fine week for hockey in Canada. About midway down the article the author discusses some of the finer points of Sun belt hockey.

Winnipeg to Phoenix? An unqualified disaster. Hockey in Atlanta for the second time? What – the first time wasn’t bad enough?

Metro:  Desperately seeking ticketsWith all the tickets snatched up in record time, it isn’t surprising the lengths some people will go to get tickets to NHL games here in Winnipeg.  Our personal favorite:

“Wanted: Jets ticket to home opener. Willing to pay $20 and give you a foot rub. If you buy me a beer, I’ll take off my shirt and paint my stomach white. If you buy me two beers, I’ll paint my toenails blue and shake my pompoms. Sorry, bra stays on. Unless you buy me three beers and I don’t have to pay.”


National Post:  Winnipeg fans spread egg on Bettman’s faceThe mistake Bettman made was in challenging Winnipeger’s to “do something”.  We always give it our best, but when you intimate that we might not accomplish our goal, we double our efforts.

SB Nation:  Why ‘Winnipeg Whiteout’ won’t be name of new teamAgree.  Just a preemptive move by True North.  Kinda like registering Drive to 13 web site in February.

Letters to Editor:

Calgary Herald:  Sharing fond memories of the Winnipeg JetsWell said.  The overwhelming sentimental choice is the Jets, but sometimes decisions have to be made with the head and not the heart.