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News (6/5) you can use: Latest on Return of the NHL to Winnipeg

Globe & Mail: David Thomson’s calculated romance with the NHL A look into the life of  the world’s 17th richest man.

TSN:  What’s in a name.  Clearly a lot.

Winnipeg Sun:  True North denies whiteout link.  No point in denying your heritage.

Chicago Sun-Times:  Cheveldayoff offered Winnipeg GM position.  Sounds like they have had their eyes on him for awhile.

Winnipeg free Press:  True North makes statement about GM firing.  Does this mean an entirely fresh start for the team?

Winnipeg Sun:  NHL the hottest ticket in town.  I actually had some disbelief when I heard it sold out in 17 minutes.  Expected it by Sunday but not in 17 minutes.  Well done Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Sun:  Bettman is still a jerk.  But I’m sure he’s happy Winnipeg’s back in the league.  Isn’t he??  Just look at his reaction when he read Brunt’s story on his Blackberry.
Bettman blackberry

Winnipeg Sun:  Desperate fans who failed to score hunt online.  There are tales a plenty of people looking online for tickets today.  Heard that there were tickets on Kijiji for Game 1 for $3,200.00.

Edmonton Journal:  McVie happy for Winnipeg.  Seems like everyone who ever was associated with the old team, is coming out in favour of our city.

CBC:  Gauging the value of an NHL team in Winnipeg.   I’d say based on what we saw yesterday, the value is high.

Winnipeg Sun:  Let’s get downtown.   The city’s revitalization was already on its way but this will accelerate it.

Edmonton Sun:  ‘Peg stations battle for hockey broadcast rights.  From the comments I’ve been reading from younger (18-35) readers, they sure seem impressed with 1290’s coverage of the Return of the NHL to Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Sun:  True North purchases Whiteout trademark. That’s an interesting tidbit.  Perhaps people should be excited if True North is bringing back the traditions.

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Winnipeg Sun:  Thrashers give kudos to the fans.  Just wait till they get into the arena for game 1.  Going to blow the roof off the MTS Centre.

TSN:  Thrashers’ Dudley not retained.  Appears that True North wants a new direction.

Star-Tribune:  Q&A with Keith Tkachuk.  Still one of the guys who still returns to Winnipeg.


CBC (starts at 2:53):  Coach’s Corner.  Says it will be a goldmine here in Winnipeg.

CBC (starts at 1:43):  Hotstove.  Eric Francis says it actually took 2 minutes, not 17 to sell all the tickets.

Video of the Day – Kris King speaks about his time in Winnipeg: