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Winnipeg Jets

Is Winnipeg or Vegas the best fit for Barry Trotz?

TSN Hockey Insider chats Jets coaching situation on Overdrive.

On Tuesday Elliotte Friedman reported that the Winnipeg Jets were interviewing free agent head coach Barry Trotz. Now it wasn’t clear where this interview took place although Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast a few days ago acknowledged he didn’t think it had taken place in Winnipeg.

Fast forward to TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger joining the crew on Overdrive. He was asked by Bryan Hayes about “What’s up with Barry Trotz, he was in Winnipeg” to which Dreger clarified that the meeting took place in Nashville with Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff heading to Tennessee for the chat with the coveted head coach. Once that was clarified Hayes went on to ask about the fit between Trotz and Winnipeg.

Dreger replied “It makes a lot of sense. Other than the fact that Barry Trotz is probably going to have the pick of the litter if he wants to continue coaching. Not suggesting he won’t…..the Manitoba draw is there. That’s the home for Barry Trotz. His dad is still going in Dauphin, Manitoba, not that far from Winnipeg. So ya there are some family reasons but it has to be the right coaching fit too. So I think the meeting between Cheveldayoff and Barry Trotz was informal. I don’t believe that there was the old envelope here is the offer take it home and let’s have a look at it. And in saying that maybe it elevates to that level, maybe that is the next step, but I think Barry also wants some time to see what else surfaces.”

After some more discussion Jamie McLennan chimes in with “Don’t you think Winnipeg would be the best fit for Barry Trotz? A team that can’t defend? Like they can’t defend”. He went on to discuss how the Jets might have to tweak their lineup in order to get guys who would buy in and how if the team could put a system in place with the roster, they would be a very good team.

Dreger then spoke about the Manitoba connection in Vegas.

He also mentioned the cost associated with Barry Trotz although the panel pushed back given team co-owner David Thomson is the wealthiest person in Canada.

You can watch it in full here.