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Hockey Hits: Is it wrong to have loyalty to more than one NHL team?

Some news and notes from around the blogs: 

  • A View from the Cheap Seats:  On transplants and team loyalty.  Back when my beloved Winnipeg Jets were around, I do admit that I also secretly rooted for Lanny McDonald’s Calgary Flames.  Once the Jets left, I moved my loyalty to the Wings, and now living in Michigan, I’m ok with having divided loyalty.
  • The Bruins Blog:  How will the 2010 Olympics affect the Bruins?  Hopefully for Bruins fans they won’t have a repeat of the 2002 season where they had a brutal losing streak following the Olympic break.
  • Puck-Rakers:  “Depth Perception,” a look at the Blue Jackets goalies.  Good breakdown and analysis of the Jackets as they head into camp.
  • Faceoff Factor:  Is it time to abandon the Coyotes?  Seems like the Coyotes have their hands tied behind their backs.
  • Oilersnation:  Things to look forward to.  I see some positives for the Oilers.  But then I read this story from the Hockey News and I’m not so sure.  You decide.
  • The Hockey News:  Oil drop unlikely to reverse.  As I said above, do IC readers think the Oilers are going to be that bad?
  • Sens Chirp:  Sens fans are wondering how it will end?  If they figure it out give me a call cause I’m curious as well.
  • Icethetics:  Senators 3rd Jersey Poll.  Head on down to Icethetics and vote for the Jersey you prefer.  My choice was the heritage jersey