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Further details of the Winnipeg Jets Adidas Reverse Retro uniform revealed

More photos of what the retro uniform will look like.

On Tuesday we got a sneak peek of the Jets Adidas Reverse Retro uniform which is scheduled to be revealed next Monday.  Today teams across the NHL were providing a few more clues as to what folks can expect when the jersey reveal occurs.  Here is what the Jets tweeted out:

I am not certain why the team didn’t reveal a shoulder patch which we’ve seen from a number of other NHL teams (Dallas, Nashville, St. Louis, Washington, Carolina, Arizona, etc).  I feel confident suggesting the Adidas logo is not going to excite too many folks although other NHL squads tweeted that out in their reveal as well.

This is what the folks at Icethetics project the Central division retro uniforms looking like:

What do you think?