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End of Manitoba Moose 2021-22 Season media availability with Jets prospect David Gustafsson

Hear from the Jets 2018 2nd rounder.

It was a solid season in the AHL for Jets 2018 2nd rounder David Gustafsson although things didn’t go quite as swimmingly in the NHL as he was injured in the 1st periods of both games he played in. And he revealed to us in his media availability that they were not insignificant injuries as he was dealing with both an MCL injury and a high-ankle sprain this campaign. Despite these setbacks at the NHL level he continued to contribute in the AHL. He set a new career high for goals (15), assists (15) and points (30) in 47 games for Manitoba.

His goal will be a spot with the Jets next season. However, the RFA will first need a new contract this summer before he gets back to Winnipeg.


1. Reflecting on the conclusion of the 2021-22 season.
2. The positives that can be drawn from this year.
3. What he learned from playoff hockey.
4. How did this season match up with his expectations?
5. What injuries was he dealing with this season?
6. The timing of getting hurt.
7. When did he sustain the injuries?
8. Wearing a letter this season.
9. Did he wear a letter growing up?
10. What have the last 48 hours been like?
11. How they are handling it as a team?
12. How does he think he’s grown this year?
13. How did he develop off the ice as a leader?
14. Helping everyone mix and be a team.
15. His offensive production.
16. What is next season all about for him?