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Eight Manitobans have won multiple 50/50 draws from Winnipeg Jets & Manitoba Moose games this season

Some Manitobans have been very lucky this season.

The Jets and Moose seasons have just surpassed the midway point of their respective schedules and obviously this one has been a bit different in terms of limited capacity for fans as well as having a number of postponed contests for both the NHL and AHL clubs of Winnipeg.

Back in 2013 I wrote about one lucky Manitoban who won two 50/50 draws and this was rather notable at the time because the jackpots were rather significant. It seemed quite newsworthy that Carlos Labao took home $80,407.50 that year.

This year it has been a little different with fewer fans in the building due to health restrictions so the prizes haven’t been as significant but the True North Youth Foundation is still running the 50/50 contests for both Jets home and away games as well as Moose home games.

While a multiple winner seemed to be something of an anomaly in the past, this year as pointed out to me from some Jets fans, it has almost become the norm with eight Manitobans winning either the 50/50 or the early bird draw at least twice and one really lucky fellow taking it home four times!

If you want to know how to kick off 2022 the right way speak with Ernest Burelle who won three times in the month of January and combined with his other win in November has taken home about $35,545.00 courtesy of his four winning tickets (Jets vs Panthers, Jets vs Red Wings early bird, Jets vs Golden Knights & combined pot of Jets vs Flames & Moose vs Stars).

The biggest winner to date is Malcolm Klassen who has $43,455.00 after winning big at the beginning of December from the Jets and Devils game ($37,570.00) and then adding $5,885.00 from the Jets and Predators game last month.

The other half of the funds raised in the draw go to the True North Youth Foundation to help assist underserved youth in Manitoba.