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Winnipeg Jets

Jesse Pollock of Bardown chats on ice etiquette with Winnipeg Jets Mark Scheifele

Jesse chats foul language with the Jets centre.

Video Description:

Whether it’s on the ice or at home, Mark Scheifele of the Winnipeg Jets doesn’t swear. Jesse Pollock asked him how he does it, and for some substitute words to use instead.

Thanks very much for joining us on the Illegal Curve Hockey Show this morning.

@ICdave hard at work to get the podcast posted.

Check out the Jets and Oilers pre-game report ahead of tonight's game in Winnipeg.

For a look around the NHL, where training camps are in full swing and hope springs eternal (except for certain woebegone teams), we are pleased to be joined by @hailey_salvian of @TheAthletic.

Tune in and join the conversation:

During #NHLJets Training Camp, it's easy to be Mr. Brightside.

Our next guest on The IC Hockey Show, @mikemcintyrewpg, is hopefully going to Smile Like He Means It, but regardless if we can Read His Mind, he will definitely remain The Man.


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