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Drama in the Desert: Synopsis of the COG meeting that took place last night to save Coyotes

For those unable to stay awake for the “excitement” of last night’s anticlimactic, I mean dramatic COG vote, here is a rough synopsis of events as they transpired.

COG Meeting

9 pm cst:  The council of Glendale opens the proceedings.  Spend about an hour detailing the 10 items on the agenda.  Of course the Coyote talk is item #10 of 10.

10 pm cst:  City Manager Ed Beasley reviewed the summary of the plan.
Ed Beasley

10:10 pm cst:  Councilmember Phil Lieberman came on and went on quite the rant, but the crib notes are that he was not happy with the idea of spending money that would be better served elsewhere.  He did make most readers/watchers hungry with his talk of Italian restaurants and kosher deli.
Phil Lieberman

10:15 pm cst:  Deputy Commissioner and chief legal officer of the NHL Bill Daly came on to tell the COG what a great job they have done and to praise their efforts to keep the Coyotes.  He also reiterated the NHL’s support of a team in Glendale.  Takes a couple of shots at Goldwater.  He then takes questions, mentions season ticket holder renewals are 80%.  Speaks for about 7 minutes.

10:23 pm cst:  Coyotes GM Don Maloney is up.  He talks about all the positives with the franchise.  Talks about teams youth, how they had most points in franchise history and thanks the fans for the support.  Talks only for a few minutes.

10:28 pm cst:  About 25 people were allowed to offer comments/thoughts about the Coyotes and which way they felt the Council should vote.  Let me tell you, quite the colorful cast of characters.
Fans and Non fans

10:46 pm cst:  Our first minor celebrity rocks the podium, Little Logan Wade.  Unfortunately for him, he was unable to sway Councilmember Lieberman this time.  Perhaps that is because his mom spent the majority of the time blathering on.  She pointed out that Bill Daly & Don Maloney know her son’s name.  She also mentioned that not all hockey players come from Canada.  She did say that Little Logan is a hockey player.  Ultimate in irony would be if he was drafted by an NHL team in Winnipeg.
Logan Wades angry mom

10:50 pm cst:  Mayor Scruggs declares a 10 minute recess.

11:00 pm cst:  The pro/anti Coyote speeches continue.

11:17 pm cst:  Goldwater Institute attorney Nick Dranias suggests the COG needs to use leverage on NHL.  Mayor Scruggs interrupts him while he was talking.  He then read the relevant parts of the Arizona Constitution which ensure deal is unconstitutional into the record.

11:28 pm cst:  After a few more fans, a retired Economist gets up and suggests that sports don’t repay investment.  Describing the anchor tenant of arena “as an anchor around the neck”.

11:53 pm cst:  Thankfully all commenting (from the public) concludes.

11:54 pm cst:  First up is Councilmember Norma Alvarez.  Doesn’t want the Coyotes to leave but says she can’t allow tax dollars to be spent on the endeavor.   She votes no.

12:00 am cst:  Next up is Councilmember Joyce Clark.  Doesn’t seem happy but suggests that the NHL is as stuck with Glendale as Glendale is stuck with the NHL.  She votes yes.

12:10 am cst:  Next up is Councilmember Phil Lieberman.  Despite the presence of Little Logan again, he suggests that there is a lack of money for public projects.  He votes no.

12:16 am cst:  Next up is Councilmember Steve Frate.  Throws out the 500 million dollar figure if city losses Coyotes.  No question which way he’s voting.  He votes yes.

12:18 am cst:  Next up is Councilmember Manny Martinez.  Suggests that Coyotes are an investment in the city’s future.  He votes yes.

12:20 am cst:  Next up is Councilmember Yvonne Knaack.  Talks about the overwhelming # of emails received in favor of the Coyotes.  She votes yes.

12:30 am cst:  Last but not least is Mayor Elaine Scruggs.  Begins by boasting about the city bond rating and blathers on for about 20 minutes.  Clearly her vote is yes.

12:49 am cst: Re-reading of the Ordinance.  Vote passes 5-2.

Yotes saved
The pro-Coyotes part of crowd reacts as it appears the Coyotes have been saved for at least one more year.