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Drama in the Desert: Should Scottsdale residents be happy they lost Coyotes bid to Glendale, TSN’s hockey insider thinks no word is coming soon and more.

Sun Media:  How about them Thrashers?  Doesn’t qualify as Desert Drama, but it appears that there could soon be a new column on IC.  Anyone have any title suggestions?

Phoenix Business Journal:  Phoenix Coyotes front office executive resigns.  Interesting timing on this move.

TSN:  Dreger Report (#3).  Seems like TSN’s hockey insider, much like the rest of the hockey loving world, is getting tired of this story.

Arizona Republic:  Likely Coyotes buyer can take burden off Glendale taxpayersInteresting to read that the Mayor of  Scottsdale is happy that his city lost the Coyotes to Glendale, after reflectively considering the burden to the taxpayer.

Sports Business Journal (registration required):  Long past time for NHL, Glendale to let Coyotes goThe problem for G.B. and company at the NHL head offices is, has this become more about ego than sanity.  Can chasing a TV contract really be worth all this?

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