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Drama in the Desert: Dueling Press Releases, both Goldwater Institute & City of Glendale issue releases.

City of Glendale:  FAQ in response to Goldwater InstituteDid they actually quote a Facebook group in their rebuttal to GoldwaterThis seems like an intellectual David vs. Goliath battle and it is pretty clear, whom is whomLikely the most important of the points made is #7, as it is clear who the COG would like you to blame if the Coyotes leave.

Goldwater Institute:  12 Questions Glendale should answer about Coyotes dealIt can’t be denied that the Goldwater Institute put together some very well researched questions.  (memo to COG, hire people from Goldwater to write/research for you).

The City of Glendale can suggest all they want that the Goldwater Institute is obstructionist and that they are chilling the deal, but if they have nothing to fear (i.e. they are not contravening the Arizona Constitution) then it shouldn’t matter what the Goldwater Institute says or threatens they will do in the future.  If the City has the legal opinion’s behind it, then move forward with the bond sale.  However, one must wonder, if it is truly such a cut and dry issue, why the need for “4 or 5” legal opinions to back up their position (and if in fact it is that clear, isn’t throwing money at these opinions, which do not come cheap, a further waste of taxpayer money)?

All this posturing isn’t doing any good.  It is clear that Goldwater is not going to change their position, regardless of any additional pleas from the COG, Senator John McCain or anyone else for that matter.  Moreover, the City’s labeling their output a response to “Misinformation” and giving one word answers (“Absolutely”) to the question of whether Goldwater is to blame for the current predicament is not exactly a way to make friends!  And speaking of adding “Friends” it is puzzling Glendale would cite an individual’s affiliation with a Facebook page (GWI’s director joined a group about supporting GWI and bringing the Jets home) as evidence of ill will.   I think we’ve all been invited to and joined a few groups we weren’t wholeheartedly behind (except for Illegal Curve’s fan page!)

It’s time to get this done.  Now.  Not in two weeks.  Not after the 1st round.  Not after the Stanley Cup Finals.  Now.  If the City continues to procrastinate, then it becomes clearer and clearer that they will not go forward with the bond sale and the Coyotes will be at risk of becoming Roadkill.