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Drama in the Desert & Dixie: Atlanta hockey on thin ice, Thrasher fans need to focus on four letters – WWGD, Could NHL’s other owners save the Thrashers?

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  If the Thrashers leave, it won’t be because Atlanta failed themThis mess begins and ends with ownership Fans are the convenient scapegoat.

ESPN:  Thrashers  Prez mum on teams status.  I’d say that this rumor is snowballing past the point of stopping but we always have the Phoenix example to point to as proof that the unbelievable can happen.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Winnipeg included in NHL draft schedule.  My understanding was that Winnipeg has been part of a draft schedule before so not sure how significant this information is, but it is another piece of the puzzle.

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Door isn’t closed but Thrashers picture gloomy.  I don’t see anything falling apart from True North’s position but I could see the league stepping in and giving the franchise a one year stay of execution as Schultz puts it.

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Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Atlanta Spirit, True North in negotiations about Thrashers sale, relocation.  Vivlamore has been on top of this better than anyone.  Read if you want to know where things are at.

TSN:  Dreger report (#1).  And so we continue to wait.

Atlanta Journal Constitution:  Could NHL”s other owners save the ThrashersIf #4, the revolt in the Peg would be onOf course #2 doesn’t seem that likely either…..



Macon Telegraph:  Atlanta hockey on thin iceIt’s a pretty bad situation for the fans of the Thrashers.  They’ve had to put up with 11 seasons of mostly sub-par hockey, to have an ownership group which basically doesn’t want the team and the rest of the league questioning them as a fan base.

The Daly:  Roughing up taxpayers.  Good summation of problems in desert.

The vote was Gary Bettman 5, common sense 2.

COG Meeting

Columbus Dispatch:  Plight of Thrashers hits a little too close to home.  Not sure the assertion that True North circled the Coyotes like a vulture over a dying corpse is accurate.  It’s been suggested that the league asked True North to step in if the situation in Phoenix couldn’t be resolved.

A consortium known as True North Sports & Entertainment owns a 15,000-plus-seat arena in Winnipeg and has been casting about for an NHL team. True North circled over the Phoenix area waiting to see whether the Coyotes might become available. When that did not happen, True North looked east.

Detroit News:  Wings move to East logical.  Not much Winnipeg related news, but more talk of divisional realignment, which we know wouldn’t be happening until the 2012/13 season anyways.


VBlog (AJC – video):  Thrashers moving to WinnipegHere is some video of the AJC’s Chris Vivlamore talking about the Thrashers.

Puck Daddy (Yahoo):  Thrashers in talks with Winnipeg group for relocation.  The hockey world is talking.

Ice Man (AJC):  Cool your jets Thrasherville and remember four letters – WWGDHe’s absolutely right.  As I’ve said before, everyone and their dog knows someone who claims to know that this is a done deal.  The focus correctly remains on WWGD (What would Gary DO) and as the writer accurately states, GB doesn’t seem overly excited about the Winnipeg market.  Until their is an announcement, one way or another, there is no advantage in getting overly excited.

SB Nation Atlanta:  To understand the Thrashers relocation story, first understand AtlantaAlways interesting to get a “local” perspective.

The Spin (Toronto Star):  Small ideas that could growSmall blurb about Peg’ possibly being used as leverage.

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