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Drama in the Desert: Death threats, hate mail, conspiracy theories. Welcome to hockey night in Phoenix.

Macleans:  Dust-up in the Phoenix Desert.  A comprehensive review of the entire debacle. I’d still like to know who is on the receiving end of the 1000 comps.

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Norm Hall/NHLI/Getty Images

Phoenix New Time:  Do you care about hockey now that the Coyotes are in the playoffs?  It would appear that the writer doesn’t have much faith in the Coyote fans.

Winnipeg Free Press:  When the other shoe drops, we’ll be waitingReminds me of the Monty Python bit from Holy Grail “Bring out your dead“.  Guy bring out his father, drops him on the cart but the father keeps saying “I’m not quite dead”.  While neither of the 2 team’s is “quite dead” you have to feel as if it’s only a matter of time before Bettman finally ends it.

Fanster:  Tippett, Doan with a message to Coyotes fans.  Missed this from Saturday night.  I have to give these guys credit.  They continue to appeal to the people of Arizona.  Should be interesting to see if that appeal was heard.

Blog News:
Puck Report:  Today in NHL history, Jets Whiteout overwhelms Flames sea of redI can’t believe it was 24 years ago today that the Whiteout extinguished the Flames.  The last playoff series win in franchise history.

Video of the Day – Nordiques Nation take over Times Square: