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Drama in the Desert: Conspiracy theories abound, Goldwater litigator lays out next steps, Hulsizer’s possible move and more.

Arizona Republic:  Coyotes playoff tickets on saleAnd when they say ‘on sale’, man do they have a deal for you!  (Thanks to regular IC reader Jordan for this link).
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MSNBC:  Coyote delays Jets at busy Atlanta airportNot a hockey story, but ironic title required posting.  A Coyote was needing to be moved for the Jets (oh ya and it all took place in Atlanta).

Winnipeg Free Press:  Coyotes conspiracy theories far-fetchedPerhaps rather than worrying about these conspiracy theories, people actually spent their time doing something worthwhile…like attending a hockey game.

Winnipeg Sun:  Ball in Hulsizer’s courtI just can’t see people being convinced that buying the bond, with the possibility of litigation, is worth the risk.

St. Louis Today:  Phoenix situation is a worry to Blues fansThe league has enough head aches with problem franchises, that they don’t need a solid, tradition rich organization having difficulties.

National Post:  Coyotes saga a cautionary tale for citiesDoes anyone in Winnipeg care if we’re not the 1st choice?  I think the city is prepared to demonstrate that we have the ability to support NHL hockey.  Losing the Jets was a wake up call; whether it’s the Pan Am Games or World Juniors, Manitobans have consistently answered the call for support.
1999 World Jrs

Sports Radio 1290:  Audio from an interview with Goldwater litigator Clint Bolick & Arizona TV personality Brahm ResnikSome really informative information during the Hustler and Lawless interviewClint Bolick breaks down the legal ramifications if the bonds were to sell.

Fan 1060 AM:  Audio from an interview with Goldwater CEO Darci Olsen.  Local Arizona radio gets a chance to chit chat with the Goldwater CEO and she more than holds her own.

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