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Breaking News: Glenn Healy has resigned as Director of Player Affairs of the NHLPA

Glen Healy is breaking away from the NHLPA with Paul Kelly and Pat Flatley.

From TSN:

Glenn Healy has resigned as Director of Player Affairs of the NHLPA, saying his credibility was undermined by an internal report and comments by Interim Executive Director Ian Penny, including criticism of Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, at the weekend Chicago meeting that resulted in Executive Director Paul Kelly’s firing.

In a letter of resignation submitted today, a copy of which was obtained by TSN, Healy said an Office Health Assessment report “indicated that I have misled the players and do not tell them the full truth.  These accusations were made because of comments that I have made to players, in particular about Wayne Gretzky and his contributions and personal sacrifices for the Players’ Association.  When Wayne Gretzky joined our Group Licensing Agreement in 1992, it made the Players’ Association millions of dollars, has allowed the PA to stand on its own, and allowed every player to prosper.

“Ian Penny, your Interim Executive Director and General Counsel, openly disagreed with my defence of Wayne Gretzky and proceeded to openly criticize Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux in front of the Executive Board, Advisory Board, Players’ Association employees, the Ombudsman, and the great man who started this very association, Ted Lindsay.  I would never and have not misled or told any untruths to any player.  I cannot sit back and continue to perform my duties when my Players’ Association co-workers unjustifiably impugn my credibility in front of the players I represent and fire shots against Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, two of the greatest players in the game, who have benefited every player in this Players’ Association.”

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As we discussed last night on the Illegalcurve Radio show, Healy was quite close with Kelly and probably felt undermind by this move.  It would appear that Ian Penny, Interim Executive Director and General Counsel, has made a power move and managed to clean house of Kelly loyalists.