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Breaking News: NHLPA chief Paul Kelly fired

Looks like the rumors proved to be true. Still lots to be reported on this story. Stay tuned to IC as we will bring you all the latest as this story unfolds.

From TSN:

 The executive board and those involved in the decision to fire Paul Kelly as the NHLPA’s executive director are expected to answer questions this morning as day two of the Players Associations meetings get underway.
Why? Will be among the first questions asked as many around the hockey community come to grips with the news of Kelly’s dismissal.

Whispers of unhappiness with Kelly’s distance with some players was itemized as a concern going into Sunday’s showdown, while a perception Kelly may have been too close to the NHL commissioners office was also offered by a source close to the battle as an issue as well.

But, there has to be more to it than that, and we will find out when the players and board members face the TSN camera this morning.

The board met on Sunday for over 10 hours in Chicago. Much of that time, Paul Kelly spent waiting with his supporters (Glenn Healy and Pat Flatley) in a hotel corridor.

He was invited in at least three times, the last being just after 3:30am eastern.

At this point Kelly was given news of his demise. 


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Wow.  Again where there was smoke, cleary there was fire and it appears that the whispers of his demise proved to be true.  Many question  remain.  As the answers are forthcoming we will endenvour to provide them to you.