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Breaking News: Mike Comrie Signs with the Oilers

The official website of the Edmonton Oilers is reporting that hometown kid Mike Comrie is returning to the Oildrop.

“Pfffft”, you say, “This isn’t breaking news. Teams sign players every year just before training camp.” True, true. They do indeed. However, our readers may recall that Comrie left the Oilers 6 years ago in what could be generously called a ball of flame, calling Oilers’ management communists. Now don’t get me wrong, I love using the c-word on everyone from my in-laws to people slightly to the left of Attila the Hun, but Comrie had just come off a poor playoff season at a time when a lot was expected of him, and there was an obvious disconnect between what he thought he was worth and what management thought he was worth. So, they traded him.

Needless to say, this news hit me like a brick (get it? get it?). The Oilers are awash with forwards right now, and smallish forwards especially. I wonder where Comrie will fit into this group? Is he still a top 6 guy? Was he part of the rider for Hilary Duff’s contract to play Rexall? Are they going to sign him and trade him for Corey Perry to rectify a past mistake? Can he become a checker, or will be part of an offensively geared 4th line? Was this move motivated by Katz, whose is a friend to the Comrie family?

Comrie is not without skill, but those he possesses are replicated (in triplicate) on this roster. It seems to me that this is the precursor to more moves. Moves that are expected to happen once the new coaching regime takes a look at what the Oilers actually have under the hood. Quinn and Renney won’t stand for anyone giving a lacklustre effort, so expect moves within days of training camp starting.

I personally don’t mind the Oilers adding a veteran presence, but with so many good players still out there, why Comrie? Perhaps it is the aforementioned relationship between Katz and the Comrie’s, or maybe the management group feels Comrie has something to prove and enough left in the tank to do it. He is certainly more mature and perhaps he will be a good fit, but part of me is very worried about this move because it does little to address some of the holes the Oilers need filled (thats what she said) and it doesn’t make the Oilers a playoff team.

Lets hear your thoughts in the comments.

Watch Mike Comrie drop the mitts (as an Oiler) versus Daniel Briere here:

Mike Comrie Fights Daniel Briere