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Afternoon Links

Afternoon Links

the Score:  Talking about realignment. Would have to agree with the author’s sentiment below.

Whatever the NHL’s realignment plan turns out to be, it will be a long and messy process getting to the final goal.

TSN:  Who should go after Stamkos or Doughty.  Even though the Jets are still a few million below the cap floor, don’t expect them to be in on these sweepstakes.

ESPN:  Truth to realignment rumors, Hulsizer and Heatley-Havlat fallout.   Have to agree with Burnside.  Way too premature to begin discussion of realignment for next season.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Jets to play Senators in Hockeyville game.  Glad to see they’ve moved the game to where the AHL affiliate will be playing.

Moose end six-game homestand with 3-2 win over the Marlies on Dancing Gabe's 60th birthday

Not sure Jets head coach Rick Bowness gets as many cameras to his pressers as Dancing Gabe just got as spoke for awhile about what this day means to him.

No better guy to celebrate. He’s so genuine. Came off the podium, gives me a high five and says “hi Dave.”

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