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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: No Bingo No Cry

  • Canada has won its opener at the Ivan Hlinka over in the Czech Republic. These U-18 events are becoming a very big deal. Good to see Canada start off with a win, since our track record at these tourneys is less than stellar.
  • The Hot List returns, with a focus on Chris Kreider. This is a smart and well spoken kid. If his raw talents are harnessed, he will be a player. Watch out for #2 on the list, John McFarland. I saw him at the spring U-18’s, and for my money he was the best Canadian player.
  • Cortney over at Style and Sports discusses the Top 5 Jerseys selection by THN. I have never been a fan of the Wild’s colours, but I suppose it is somewhat original.
  • Psycho Lady Hockey offers her Top 10 Dick Signs to bring to a game this season. The Phaneuf/Avery idea is fantastic.
  • Devils’ blog Pucks and Pitchforks does a comparison between GI Joe characters and NHL players. At least they used the cartoon characters, and not whatever junk can be found in the new movie.
  • Crash the Crease takes issue with a Bucky Gleason article on the Sabres. Good points on both sides, but I don’t think the Sabres are all that far away from contending.
  • This one is a few days old, but Greatest Hockey Legends had an interesting post about Hockey Statues.