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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: D Cup

  • Greatest Hockey Legends has a linkorama to some stories about the history of hockey in British Columbia. If you want more BC info, check out IC’s Team BC. Tons of interesting reading here.
  • The story is a few days old, but a new high school hockey league has been formed in Kansas. The level of hockey interest in the mid-west is growing, despite the lack of television coverage. It won’t be long before NHL calibre players start emerging.
  • INCH’s A-Z is up to F now, with Scott Fleming of Dartmouth.
  • Want to know just how your team is looking in mid-August? Here are some power rankings. Someone doesn’t like the Sabres.
  • Adam Proteau has an article about the benefits of having a communicative GM. Good points all, but its the GM’s prerogative on how much or how little he wants to share.
  • Goon’s World with a little more on the continuing UAH-CCHA saga. Obviously some hurt feelings here.
  • Battle of Cali talks Teemu and Saku, together at last.