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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: Head Games

Some late afternoon news for your reading pleasure:

  • Battle of California has an informative post up about Brian Burke’s tenure in Anaheim.  Some say he was given a head start with the talent on the roster and while that is true, he still made many changes that helped that team win the Cup in 2007.
  • Here is Elliotte Friedman’s new must-read Monday morning column.  Him and Scott Oake do a tremendous job on the sidelines for HNIC and Friedman is using that insight and knowledge to his advantage with terrific posts on the CBC cite.  Great read.
  • Rob Scuderi should have been called for clipping, writes Eric McErlain.  That hit was a little bit too low for my liking.
  • Darren Eliot wonders if this year’s Sharks is any different than past seasons?  We’ll know in April.
  • This isn’t directly hockey related (itwas mentioned by Friedman in his piece) but also has been circulating around the internet, so if you have some time, read Malcolm Gladwell’s piece on concussions from the New Yorker.  Just a tremendous read.  Worth the time if you have it.