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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight: PMHS Wants 7

How to unload Michael Nylander; PMHS speaks out and Razor is the new no-spin zone. More after the jump.

  • The Puck Stops Here offers tips on unloading an unwanted salary, say for someone like Michael Nylander. Good luck. The Oilers dodged a bullet there.
  • Remember to get your signs ready if you want to entice Psycho Lady to come to your town and adopt your team. She has a penchant for travel and loves the game. Get those signs ready.
  • I went looking for an update on Ms. Conduct’s five-hole, and all I found was some collarbone talk. Boooooo.
  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper (How is Iggy these days, Drew?) seems to be in favour of more Canadian NHL teams. Plus, a link to an Alex Koryluk interview in this piece from the Slapshot blog. Interesting to read Koryluk’s thoughts on the differences in style of game.
  • The Dallas Stars blog doesn’t seem to impressed with the early season stats package from the NHL. It keeps the interns busy…
  • Hockey has returned to Pensacola, where a new SPHL team is ready to take the ice. Nice to see these minor league teams get a foot hold in the South.
  • This one is from Thursday,  but Gripping the Stick Too Tight has a nice series of links and NHL commentary.