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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

The Saginaw News:  Barry Melrose ready to talk .  Glad to see that we have ‘the coach’ on board with the Jets.

“I think it’s going to be great,” Melrose said. “I think it’s going to be a huge success. I think the building will be full, I think the interest will be crazy.”

Icethetics:  Another round for the Jets.    This reader submitted jersey concept appears to have the highest rating for the readers of Icethetics.
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Around the NHL:

Edmonton Journal:  Renney has Nugent-Hopkin’s name on possible line combos.   Is this the right move for the Oilers #1 selection.

The Province:  Should the Canucks kick the tires on Jarkko Ruttu Could it hurt the Canucks to give him a shot?

CBS Sports:  Alexi Kovalev stays firm on Ottawa mediaToo bad he didn’t show that  type of fire on the ice.