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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

Even if there isn’t any Jets news, it is still important to know what is happening ‘Around the NHL‘:

Philadelphia Sports Daily:  Chris Pronger still battling hand injury.   I can’t imagine the Flyers big man is incapable of anything.  

Sportsnet:  Kovalev rips Clouston, Ottawa writers.  The disdain Kovalev has for Clouston pales in comparison to the derision he displays for the scribes in our Nation’s capital.

National Post:  Ducks sign coach Carlyle to three year extension.  Always happy to see former Jets doing well in the NHL.  Now if he could just convince Teemu to return for 1 more season…..

TSN:  Blackhawks Carcillo wastes no time in calling out Canucks.  Even when you’re a guy who loves to fight, sometimes it isn’t too smart to call out the biggest (or in this case 2nd biggest behind the Bruins) kids in the sandbox.

Faceoff:  Return of Les Nordiques?  As I said yesterday about a return of the Whalers, would love to see it happen, but not at the expense of a team like the Islanders.