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Note:  Yesterday was the final day for Darren Ford’s Return of the Jets Forum.  This was one of the last refuges for Jets fans 1.0 to discuss the idea of an NHL team returning to the city without being bashed as lunatics.  Darren felt that since the team has returned the original intent of that forum had been completed and it was time to move on. Darren is moving shop to the Winnipeg Free Press’s new forum called Jets Stream.  We will have more on this and other Jets forums soon.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Chalk this one up for poet who wrote The Last PuckDid any of our readers see the poem and admire the chalk work of this talented Winnipegger?

Winnipeg Sun:  NDP burning your money to give away Jets tickets.  I don’t have a problem with a gov’t having incentives for its population to be healthy, and if Jets/Bombers tickets would do the trick, then more power to them.  However the cost of the site seems outrageous and the benefit seems limited.

Jets Nation:  Will Mark Scheifele head west this year? A little insight into the Jets 1st round draft choice.

Winnipeg Jets Official Site:  Prime numbers – Dustin Byfuglien.  Taking a look at some of the numbers associated with the Jets big defenceman.

Around the NHL:

Hamilton Spectator:  Copps gets new video screen courtesy of Dogs owner Andlauer.  Hopefully this helps fans turn out in Hamilton.  Especially if they want to prove that they could one day host NHL hockey, it is important to show that they will support their AHL product.

More on Selanne from the Ducks GM and Kovalev won’t be missed after the jump.

Orange County Register:  Ducks GM sheds light on Selanne.  That December game on the 17th versus the Jets in Winnipeg will be a lot more of a doozy if Teemu is in town.

ESPN:  Um, we don’t feel sorry for Alexei Kovalev.  Let’s hope this is the last we hear from the Russian superstar.