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Afternoon Analysis

Afternoon Analysis: Slim Pickin’s

There was only one game last night and not a whole bunch to pick from in terms of video of good or bad plays. Since I couldn’t really pick one play, I chose two.

The first video, listed here, shows what can only be described as a textbook example of a deflection. Patrick Sharp has the puck on the half-boards (on the PP) and has time and space to take a look. Troy Brouwer is parked in front of Jonathan Quick. Sharp takes a step towards the next and directs a low, accurate shot/pass right at Brouwer’s stick and a few inches off the post. Brouwer complies perfectly and chips the shot past Quick.  Not the simplest of plays to execute, but both players performed their roles very well and the  puck ended up in the net.

I can’t really let the defence off without picking on them a bit, so this video will illustrate a bad example of a broken assignment. The Kings are killing a penalty and the Hawks work the puck into the near side corner. Several Hawks converge to win a puck battle and are inexplicably followed in by several Kings, Atom-hockey style. The inevitable happens as Troy Brouwer pokes the puck to Jonathan Toews, who has a clear path to the net and slips a backhand past Quick.

Again, I realize the Kings were killing a penalty but the breakdown of the box here is inexcusable. There are still point-men open and there are no white jerseys anywhere near the net. Some discipline is needed here, and the Kings simply couldn’t muster any.