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A conversation with Winnipeg Jets defenceman Nate Schmidt

An entertaining and wide-ranging chat with the Jets defenceman.

It’s been about a month since the Jets made the trade with the Canucks to acquire Nate Schmidt. The Minnesota product and I chatted about quite a bit in this wide-ranging conversation on Tuesday.

Topics include:

1) Friendly Manitoba becoming Minnesota Nice (0:15)
2) Being close to friends and family in St. Cloud, Minnesota (1:44)
3) Reflections on the trade now that it’s been about a month (3:40)
4) How he spends time off after the season ends (5:24)
5) His big catch in the celebrity softball tournament in Vegas (7:26)
6) How good is playing in Da Beauty League to ramp up for the regular season (9:15)
7) Giving back to the hockey community in Minnesota (10:46)
8) Importance of having fun in hockey (12:56)
9) How much more appreciation does he have for fans/how excited is he to play in front of them again? (15:15)
10) His new venture with Shortside Hockey Company (16:27)
11) Why he believes in the product (19:00)
12) Were any of his Da Beauty League goals this season shortside? (20:15)
13) Getting the opportunity to help start a brand (21:25)
14) How much time does he spend on his sticks/curves? (22:13)
15) Making the switch from the left to right side (24:25)
16) Has he given further thought as to his potential D partner (27:08)
17) Why did he have so many penalty minutes back in 2009-2010? (29:10).

For those curious about Nate’s business venture you can learn more at their website Go Shortside.