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Winnipeg Jets

32 Thoughts Podcast: Elliotte Friedman thinks Winnipeg Jets getting calls on their D

Insider believes teams are trying to “help” the Jets clear up their logjam on D.

In today’s 32 Thoughts Podcast at the end of a segment (53:25 specifically) discussing teams around the NHL insider Elliotte Friedman brought up the Jets and said:

“Just something I was looking out for. You know, Winnipeg has a lot of D and I think there’s been some talk ‘do they clear up the logjam’. Do they make some moves to sort of free it up a bit. I think teams have called them, teams that are short on D, I think have called Winnipeg and said ‘what are you doing?’.  I think what they’ve told people is they’re not going to do anything just for the sake of doing it. They understand there is interest, and maybe some guys would like to play more, but they are determined to do what they think is best for themselves.”

Of course that doesn’t give a clear answer as to which defenceman might “want to play more”. Perhaps this was a thing before Logan Stanley blocked a shot against the Blues, is now in a walking boot and his health status remains unclear.

Could be teams calling to try to pry away talented prospect who are currently with the Moose such as Ville Heinola or Declan Chisholm. Of course the above injury to Stanley and the need to have capable replacements that can be recalled would likely preclude a move unless it really made sense from a Jets perspective. Especially since those two are both waiver exempt.