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Winnipeg Jets

32 Thoughts Podcast: Elliotte Friedman talks Winnipeg Jets coaching vacancy

Pair of names with previous Winnipeg connections mentioned by the hockey insider.

At the 32:43 mark of the podcast Jeff Marek asks Elliotte Friedman if there are any names tied to the Jets coaching vacancy. In total it runs just over a minute.

Two names he mentions with previous Winnipeg connections are:

1) Scott Arniel
2) Randy Carlyle

He indicated that Scott Arniel was mentioned to him by several people. Went on to say

“Assistant coach in Washington, Winnipeg history, played for the Jets, has been a head coach once before. He’s a guy whose been really valued as an assistant coach since he was a head coach. So Arniel is one guy I’m wondering about.”

He also said he was curious to see if the Jets talk to Randy Carlyle.

“I’ve heard he would like to coach again. I just wonder if the Jets look for somebody whose got a bit of a connection to the market. I don’t think that’s the number one reason you hire a coach. But I think that Winnipeg values that and I look at people like Arniel and Carlyle and I just wonder if their history with the market kinda gets them in the door a little bit too in addition to their other qualities.”.

If those two names aren’t enough for you The Hockey News put out a list of 10 potential coaching candidates for NHL teams. (It is not specific to Winnipeg but obviously they are looking so the list is relevant).