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1 on 1 with Jeff Malott after he signed his new two-year deal with the Winnipeg Jets

14 months after signing his first NHL contract with the Jets we chat about his second which is a two-year deal.

It was another solid season for Ontario product Jeff Malott who earned himself a two-year deal with the Jets after his second year as a pro which saw him spend the majority of the season with the Moose but also make his NHL debut. He set career highs for goals (23), assists (18) and points (41) in 62 games with Manitoba.

I had a chance to catch up with him after he signed his new contract with Winnipeg, which is the second NHL deal for the undrafted college product.


1) Reflections on second year pro (:35)
2) Running it back with this Moose group (2:04)
3) His viral post-shootout game-winner move (3:23)
4) What did he learn from playoff hockey (4:39)
5) Growth opportunity from playoffs (6:24)
6) Can you carry over what was learned in playoffs to next regular season (7:35)
7) His NHL debut in Chicago (8:44)
8) Reaction from family/friends on his first NHL game (10:14)
9) Did he keep any mementos from his NHL debut (11:08)
10) How special was it for his family for him to make his debut & his brother Mike making his UFC debut three weeks later (12:45)
11) Is there any benefit to training with a UFC fighter (15:19)
12) Signing his two-year deal with Winnipeg (16:32)
13) How involved is he with the contract process? (17:31)
14) Is there any discussion re: role during contract process? (18:19)
15) After Moose exit interviews, what area did they want him to work on? (18:41)
16) Adding Morgan Barron to the mix (19:47)
17) Barron taking his game to the next level (21:16)
18) Does he see an opportunity with the Jets current roster (22:25)
19) Familiarity making it easier to move between Jets & Moose (24:16)
20) His thoughts on assistant coach Marty Johnston moving up to the Jets (25:13)
21) What’s up for rest of summer & when is he back in Winnipeg? (26:03)