On The Beat Christmas Edition

The following articles were featured on the December 25th episode of the Illegal Curve Hockey Show Editor’s Pick – From GQ Magazine – An article about Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke and his late son Brendan Burke and how Brian Burke has become somewhat of a spokesperson for the issue of homosexuality in sport […]

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11/13 Illegal Curve Hockey Show

The Illegal Curve Hockey Show – November 13, 2010 Sorry for the technical difficulties but a bit of the beginning is missing, the boys were going over the new format to the NHL All-Star Game 0:00 – NHL All-Star Game changes 10:49 – Leafs lose 7 games in a row 22:10 – Sean Gordon of […]

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Hockey Night in Canada: What Bettors Need to Know

This game looks like it will be a lopsided affair.

The New York Rangers are 6-1-0 and have won six in a row. The Toronto Maple Leafs are 0-5-1 and have lost five straight in regulation. The Rangers embarrassed the Maple Leafs 7-2 earlier this week at Madison Square Garden.

Toronto GM Brian Burke summed up the Maple Leafs’ struggles after Toronto’s most recent loss.

“There’s four main components and we’re not executing in any of them: our defensive-zone play, our scoring, our special teams, our goaltending,” said Burke.

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On the Beat: 2009 A.C. (After Cole)

What team beat writers are saying this afternoon: Boston Bruins power forward Milan Lucic was not on the ice for a practice session today after leaving with an injury during a 7-2 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night. Now that Sabre regulars Adam Mair and Toni Lydman (is it really prounounced LOOD-man?) have recovered from […]

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Ask Illegal Curve

Today marks the first installment of the Ask Illegal Curve feature, where we will answer your fantasy hockey (or other) related questions. Don’t be shy, send in whatever is on your mind. Commenter Bob Roberts asked: Your team is on the powerplay and has the puck when an additional penalty is indicated against your opponent. […]

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Why is there so much love for the EZAC?

There is a question that a lot of western college hockey fans ask. Why does the EZAC get so much love from the hockey pundits every year in the pre-season polls?  This is a question that I would like to see answered. Its common knowledge that the ECAC is made up of schools with great […]

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