Dominion/Free Agent Day Live Blog: Live from North Dakota

Illegal Curve is proud to present a live-blog of the days events. Thankfully, we can post these updates via an actual computer and not a desktop. On the downside, we are no longer in Montreal, a town that seemingly has an unhealthy aversion to bras. Enjoy the day and have a cold one for all […]

Posted by Kyle Kosior in Columns,Features,General NHL on July 1, 2009

A Review of Draft Weekend

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Entry Draft in Montreal.  While I do not have anything to compare this to, seeing as I had never been to an Entry Draft prior to this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. First off, the City of Montreal was […]

Posted by Richard Pollock in Columns,Features,NHL Draft on June 30, 2009

Illegal Curve 2009 1st Round Playoff Predictions

This handy little chart (below) , beautifully (cough cough) formatted by yours truly, lists all of the Illegal Curve contributors predictions for the upcoming playoff run. A few interesting things to note about the predictions: 1) The New York Rangers might as well not bother to show up. Eight predictors, eight Washington victories predicted. 2) […]

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Vancouver Canucks – St. Louis Blues Playoff Preview

Season Series- Two wins – Two losses per team Can you feel that boulder on your shoulders, Vancouver Canucks players? Those are the expectations’ of the city of Vancouver and province of British Columbia, as by capturing the number 3 seed, you are now expected to have a lengthy playoff run. Contrast that with the […]

Posted by Drew Mindell in Features,News You Can Use,Pre-Game-Report on April 13, 2009

Numbers Game: Looking at Goal Differential

With the NHL taking a few days off for the All-Star break, I figured this was a good time to examine the goal differentials of each team. The goal differentials will be listed from best to worst: 1. Boston Bruins +62 2. San Jose Sharks +52 3. Detroit Red Wings +40 4. Chicago Blackhawks +38 5. New Jersey Devils […]

Posted by Richard Pollock in Columns,Features on January 27, 2009

Which city has the best fans?

A few nights ago, I was watching a Rangers game on MSG network with a few expat Canadian friends who are now living in New York.  We had a pretty diverse assortment of hometowns: Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver.  As is generally the case in anything, the greatest representation was from Toronto –which I’d refer to as “the […]

Posted by curve in Columns,Features on November 14, 2008

Illegal Curve’s first ever podcast

On Sunday morning, Kyle, Ezra, Drew and Richard recorded the first ever IC podcast.  The crew discussed the remaining significant veteran free agents, coaches on the hot seat heading into the 2008/09 season and a bunch of other hockey issues. Editor’s note: We had some studio complications, so the first podcast was not taped in […]

Posted by Richard Pollock in Columns,Features,Podcast on September 8, 2008