Drama in the Desert: Synopsis of the COG meeting that took place last night to save Coyotes

For those unable to stay awake for the “excitement” of last night’s anticlimactic, I mean dramatic COG vote, here is a rough synopsis of events as they transpired. 9 pm cst:  The council of Glendale opens the proceedings.  Spend about an hour detailing the 10 items on the agenda.  Of course the Coyote talk is […]

Posted by David Minuk in Breaking News,Columns,Drama in the Desert on May 11, 2011

The Dream is Dead? Theo Fleury Released by Flames

According to TSN, reported to them by Theo Fleury himself, he has been released by the Calgary Flames. This, despite his stellar exhibition campaign so far. When asked if he would retire, Theo said, “I need a couple of days.” More on this story to follow as developments warrant. Almost instantaneous update Here is the […]

Posted by Drew Mindell in Breaking News on September 25, 2009

Breaking News: Mike Comrie Signs with the Oilers

The official website of the Edmonton Oilers is reporting that hometown kid Mike Comrie is returning to the Oildrop. “Pfffft”, you say, “This isn’t breaking news. Teams sign players every year just before training camp.” True, true. They do indeed. However, our readers may recall that Comrie left the Oilers 6 years ago in what […]

Posted by rusty in Breaking News,Edmonton Oilers on September 10, 2009