Team Illinois/Team Wisconsin

One of the readers of our 2010 State Olympic teams asked me why I didn’t put together a Team Illinois or Team Wisconsin since I had mentioned them in the list of 6 States which were the highest producers of U.S. born NHL players.  My response was that while they did help to contribute, their input […]

Posted by David Minuk in 2010 Olympics on August 8, 2009

Review of the 2010 U.S. Olympic (State) Teams

Last week we broke down the 2010 Olympic squad by province.  This week we did the same by state for Team USA. In case you missed it, here are the 2010 State Olympic teams as selected by various IC writers: Team Michigan Team Minnesota Team New York Team Massachusetts Team Illinois/Team Wisconsin

Posted by David Minuk in 2010 Olympics on August 7, 2009

Team Massachusetts

As part of our ongoing project of choosing Olympic teams based on states and provinces, I volunteered to take Team Mass., thinking it would be pretty easy to find a solid squad.  While I was able to round off the defensive corps pretty quickly, the forwards took some work, with a search of the American […]

Posted by Kyle Kosior in 2010 Olympics on August 6, 2009

Team New York

Team New York is an interesting mix.  The 27th largest state in the union based on total geography, it ranks as the third in total population.  As a result one would expect that New York state would be well represented in the NHL.  Turns out that it currently ranks third, behind Michigan and Minnesota.   Very talented group […]

Posted by David Minuk in 2010 Olympics on August 5, 2009

Team Minnesota

As supplied by Goon of Goon’s World: Coming as no big surprise, Team Minnesota looks like the class of the south of the border entries. A potent forward group and young, mobile defensive corps make the 10000 Lakers a team to beat. The Achilles Heel seems to be their goaltending, which, while talented, is a […]

Posted by Kyle Kosior in 2010 Olympics on August 4, 2009

Team Michigan

This week we will be breaking down the Team USA’s 2010 Olympic squad into the best Olympic State teams.  There are 6 U.S. states which have produced 71.5% of US hockey players playing in today’s NHL(any guesses as to which 6 they are?).  Interestingly Michigan slightly edged Minnesota as the number one producer of NHL talent.  This […]

Posted by David Minuk in 2010 Olympics on August 3, 2009

Team Manitoba: Part Seven of Eight

Coaches (the strength of team): Going with a two headed coaching monster to make up for the inexperience of the players. Andy Murray and Barry Trotz will stress discipline and ensure their players are responsible for their on ice actions.   Andy Murray & Barry Trotz Goalies: Team Manitoba will be woefully inexperienced and nowhere […]

Posted by Drew Mindell in 2010 Olympics on July 31, 2009

Team Quebec: Part Six of Eight

Here is my submisson for “Team Quebec”.  Who knows, maybe someday if Quebec separates this team will actually have to take to the ice.  Overall, goalies were the easiest pick as the three selected could very well be the three that will be representing Canada.  The forwards include a nice blend of speed and finesse, […]

Posted by Neil in 2010 Olympics,Columns on July 29, 2009