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Winnipeg Whiteout Street Party information for 2022-23 Playoffs

Folks at Economic Development Winnipeg with an update.

Nobody likes snow in April here in Manitoba but folks around these parts will make an exception for a Whiteout. With the Jets clinching a playoff spot on Tuesday it was expected that the Whiteout Street Party would be returning to downtown Winnipeg.

Economic Development Winnipeg is holding a presser outlining the ‘Official launch of the 2023 Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties’. You can watch it here.

For those who want the crib notes:

There are two events.

1) The ‘Whiteout Street Party’ on Donald from Portage to Graham. Sounds like capacity for that is 5,000 and ticket costs will be $10.00 with 50% of proceeds going to help local charities and will be distributed through United Way Winnipeg. It opens two hours before puck drop.

2) The ‘Party at the Plaza’ which will be held at True North Square. Sounds like capacity for this is 1000. Cost for it is $20.00. It opens four hours before puck drop.

For those attending the game and wondering if they need to buy a separate ticket you do not for pre-game:

Gameday playoff ticket holders will be granted pre-game access to the Winnipeg Whiteout Street Parties with their game ticket. They will not need a separate ticket to access the event before entering Canada Life Centre for the game.

Tickets will be on sale through Ticketmaster on Monday, April 17th.