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Winnipeg Jets winger Patrik Laine in conversation with Sean Reynolds

Sean caught up with the Finnish phenom as part of the @ Home series they are running.

Sportsnet’s Sean Reynolds caught up with Jets superstar Patrik Laine who is back home in Finland.

Great answer by Laine at about the 13 minute mark about his connection to young fans:

“I love kids. It’s awesome to sign autographs, to do those like where we go surprise kids in their practice. I like that kind of stuff. There’s gonna be days when I’m retired and nobody cares about me anymore and nobody wants pictures, so just try to enjoy it now. I was a kid too and if I was able to get an autograph with a Finnish league player or a picture it was so huge for me. I want to give that feeling to kids. It doesn’t take much for me to sign an autograph or take a picture with them but they’re going to remember it forever.”

Give the full interview a watch.