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Winnipeg Jets winger Jansen Harkins update on day 8 of camp

Health update on the BC product.

Fourth-year pro Jansen Harkins hasn’t been on the ice the last few times for training camp.  On Sunday he was moved from ‘unfit to practice’ to the early risers skating group but he didn’t end up skating with them (or the main group).

Photo Credit: John Delaney (Winnipeg Jets)

In his media availability on Sunday coach Paul Maurice referenced Harkins when answering a question about his bottom six forward saying Harkins was “looking good before his injury”.

Harkins wasn’t scheduled to scrimmage today with the amalgamated groups but rather he was set to be an ‘early riser’ with the trio of goalies (Comrie, Berdin, Kehler) who also weren’t participating.  As per Jamie Thomas of Jets Radio, Harkins did skate this morning which is a positive sign that the versatile forward is working his way back to the main group.