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Winnipeg Jets will have a Top 10 draft pick in 2020

The worst the Jets will select at the 2020 draft is 10th.

You’ll remember at the end of June the NHL held the first phase of the draft lotto where Team E won the chance to select 1st overall.  While the Jets are dealing with the reality that their play-in loss cost them a chance at the Stanley Cup it also provided them with a one in eight shot at the 1st overall pick.

Of course if they don’t end up with the first overall selection then they could would be assigned a spot between 9 and 15 as follows according to the NHL:

The seven teams not selected in Phase 2, in inverse order of their points percentages at the time of the pause in the regular season, will be assigned 2020 NHL Draft positions 9 through 15.

With a number of upsets in the play-in series which included the Blackhawks beating the Oilers, the Canadiens beating the Penguins and the Coyotes defeating the Predators the Jets have moved on up (or down I guess) in terms of draft position.

According to Mike McIntyre of the Winnipeg Free Press they will be “9th (if Minnesota wins series or loses but wins draft lottery) or 10th (if Minnesota loses series and doesn’t win draft lottery).” So right now the Jets could select 1st, 9th or 10th depending on what happens with the Minnesota Wild.

Things certainly got a lot more interesting for the Jets considering how deep the 2020 draft is considered to be.