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Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets players chirp their teammates with Bardown

Watch the Jets chirp each other.

Video Description:

Bardown heads West to see what Jets players have to say about each other. From getting asked “who skips leg day” to ratting out who the worst fantasy football manager on the team is, Jets players were put on the spot and didn’t hold back.

Not sure Jets head coach Rick Bowness gets as many cameras to his pressers as Dancing Gabe just got as spoke for awhile about what this day means to him.

No better guy to celebrate. He’s so genuine. Came off the podium, gives me a high five and says “hi Dave.”

“I’m a Winnipegger. I’m a Manitoban. And I am proud to be a Canadian”.

And now Dancing Gabe gets sung Happy Birthday by 1000s of Manitobans.

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