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Note: Following today’s Jets Papers, you can ensure you are up to speed with our game set-up written by Ezra Ginsburg. Keep it locked to the site to get pre-game audio from the players and coach Noel. After the game, be sure to check us out for all the post-game reaction. As soon as the site is updated we notify you via twitter @illegalcurve and Facebook.

Note II: For home games we have both our #ICGWG and #IC5050 contests. Make sure to @ tweet @illegalcurve with your guess. Remember that for your vote to qualify you must send in your guess using a hashtag (#). (i.e. #ICGWG Bogosian & #IC5050 $37,350.00).

Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Enough of Buff and his gaffes and giveaways.  Coach Noel intimated that while the mistakes are glaring there are usually a number of other mistakes that are made on the play that don’t receive the same attention.  He isn’t wrong.  While Buff has made some brutal errors with the puck if you re-watch any goal against the Jets oftentimes you see it is the result of a breakdown earlier in the playBut in today’s column Gary pushes for a move of the big defenceman.
Dustin Byfuglien 2 wm

Edmonton Journal:  If Winnipeg Jets move Dustin Byfuglien, the Edmonton Oilers need to be the destinationGary’s column has Oilers nation a little excited.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Men without hatsThe Jets have a number of guys who have close to hitting the three goal mark but there just hasn’t been an occasion for fans to celebrate the first hatty in Jets 2.0 historyIf we are gonna see one, which player is most likely to get it done?

Winnipeg Free Press:  Coming home is cold comfortWell the good news for the team is they have spread out games (tonight, then Saturday) so they can sit at home and recover.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Ladd more concerned about Jets than Olympic gloryWhile the Jets captain has been good this season he hasn’t done enough to garner addition to Team Canada.

Winnipeg Sun:  There’s plenty of blame to go aroundAll one has to do is re-watch a goal against the Jets to see that there is usually ample blame to go around.

Winnipeg Sun:  Changes should start with Byfuglien and NoelPaul raises some interesting points in his column this morning.  What do you think?  Who would you start with?

Illegal Curve:  Coach Noel scrumConversation touched on: Upbeat for a guy who has lost three straight.  Byfuglien talk; Is he trying to do too much?  Is there anything wrong with the system?  Why can’t they get consistency?  Does this team have an identity?  Does he feel like the team is closer to achieving this goal?  Thoughts on Tampa Bay.  Olympic talk.  Injury updates.

Illegal Curve:  Jets on the Czech Olympic team.  It came as no surprise that Pavelec and Frolik were both named to the squad.

Illegal Curve:  What is Michael Frolik worthRichard assess what sort of contract the RFA this summer might earn.

Lightning news:

Tampa Bay Times:  Bishop to miss game against JetsThe Bolts have surprised many with their play this season sitting 4th in the East without Steven Stamkos.  The team hopes this injury is not too serious.

Tampa Bay Tribune:  St. Louis awaits Team Canada fateIf you thought the dissection of the US team was intense just wait till 10 am this morning when Team Canada is announced.  Would you have St. Louis on your team?