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Jets news: Doing the blue-line shuffle again. Leaving the past behind. Roller coaster season continues. Jets must take Panthers seriously. Jets notebook. Workhorse Ondrej Pavelec keeping Winnipeg in playoff hunt.

Jets affiliate news: Hellebuyck learning from his mentors. IceCaps beat Pirates 4-3.

Opposition (Panthers) news: Florida shaky on special teams. Time is running out.

NHL news: Edmonton council votes in favour of proceeding with new Oilers arena. Ilya Bryzgalov’s Greatest Hits.

Standings as of April 11, 2013

Scoreboard watch: Islanders @ Bruins | Senators @ Flyers | Hurricanes @ Capitals | Penguins @ Lightning

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Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Doing the blue-line shuffle againThis is where depth on the back end comes in pretty, pretty, pretty handy.

Winnipeg Free Press:  Leaving the past behindLate season collapse?  Been there, done that.  The five game slide was bad, but it didn’t kill the season.  The Jets have won two in a row, and it will be important to continue that streak if they hope to avoid repeating the past.

Winnipeg Sun:  Roller coaster season continuesIt really has been one odd season so far and don’t unbuckle because with just eight games to go, fans are in for one exciting conclusion to this ride.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets must take Panthers seriouslyLet’s be serious.  First, this is the NHL where on any given night any team can beat the other.  Secondly the Jets are not the Pittsburgh Penguins taking on the last place team in the East.  This is a battle of two teams that are both currently out of the playoffs.  The Jets to their credit know that they cannot afford to take any of their remaining opponents lightly.

Winnipeg Sun:  Jets notebookPaying attention to the standings.  Out of gas due to the wear and tear of the shortened season.  Eric Tangradi just that close.  And some additional notes.
Eric Tangradi wm

National Post:  Workhorse Ondrej Pavelec keeping Winnipeg in playoff huntHe spoke about this a few weeks back and indicated he didn’t want to continue to be asked about playing too much or needing time off.  As far as he was concerned he would be happy to play every day.  And considering how critical he has been to this team’s success, that is probably a good thing.

Jets affiliate and prospect news:

Hockey’s Future:  Hellebuyck learning from his mentorsA prospect worth keeping an eye on.  Currently leading his team in the NCAA Frozen Four.

The Telegram: IceCaps beat Pirates 4-3It is a shame that St. John’s didn’t get hot earlier.  Carl Klingberg finally broke his seven week scoreless drought and got the game winner to bootCongrats to both Adam Lowry who got his first professional point (an assist) on a goal by Vinny Saponari who scored his first AHL goal.

Opposition (Panthers) news:

Miami Herald:  Florida shaky on special teamsSee that headline should be singular since they are only poor on their PK.  The PP currently ranks sixth in the league, which is something the Jets could only dream about.

Sun-Sentinel:  Time is running outAt this point the Panthers are just playing out their season but they still have pride so Jets won’t expect to see this kitty rolling over and playing dead tonight.

NHL news:

Globe and Mail:  Edmonton council votes in favour of proceeding with new Oilers arenaNot much of a surprise that this finally got done.

CBC:  Ilya Bryzgalov’s Greatest HitsSome real gems from the Philly netminder.  Surprised his love for Winnipeg and parks didn’t make the list.

NHL Mid-Week with Illegal Curve Replay:
Ez and Drew 610x290

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