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Jets news: Players miss camaraderie. Local lads missing their Winnipeg Jets. Devils punish IceCaps. NHLers power Alaska to victory over Colorado. Goals for Dreams highlights.

CBA news: NHL, NHLPA schedule meeting for Monday. All-Star Game might not be worth saving. Union won’t decertify. Claude Giroux’s injury is ‘very minor’.

NHL news: Blue Jackets’ prospect Murray hurts shoulder.

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Jets news:

Winnipeg Free Press:  Blackhawk back homeToews joined us to talk about how much he enjoyed being back in the city and being able to contribute to the charities.  However you could also sense his mounting frustration as the lockout continues to grind on.
Goals for Dreams 4

You can hear his interview from yesterday’s Illegal Curve Hockey Show here;

Jonathan Toews

Winnipeg Free Press: Players miss camaraderieAs much as this game is work, the guys still have a ton of fun doing their job, and when you see the practical jokes going on in the dressing room, you can understand why they miss that aspect of the games.

Winnipeg Sun:  Local lads missing their Winnipeg JetsEven the young fans are sounding as jaded as everyone else.

Winnipeg Sun:  Devils punish IceCapsMuch like they have done all season St. John’s split the series with Albany.  These Caps need to get back to their sweeping ways if they want to content in the AHL.

Coloradoan:  NHLers power Alaska to victory over ColoradoIt is somewhat difficult when you’ve added AHLers and your opponent has similarly added NHLers to their roster to compete at that gun show.

Illegal Curve:  Goals for Dreams highlightsSome pictures and videos from yesterday’s charity game which brought together the NHLPA players and local law enforcement.

CBA news:

Star-Ledger:  NHL, NHLPA schedule meeting for Monday.  So much for that two week break that the NHL proposed.  Perhaps they heard the grumblings of the fans and understand that their power play move may work against the players but fans were not going to approve of same.

Columbus Dispatch:  All-Star Game might not be worth savingSomewhat hard to justify anyone deserving of all-star status during this season.

New York Post:  Union won’t decertify.   Hardly a surprise.  Another play by the NHLPA to show the unity of players.

USA Today:  Claude Giroux’s injury is ‘very minor’Whenever a marquee player is hurt, regardless of how minor the injury, the team and its fans cannot be happy that an important piece of their puzzle is now damaged.

NHL news:

Columbus Dispatch:  Blue Jackets’ prospect Murray hurts shoulderIt is still too early to tell what sort of damage was done to the shoulder and Jackets fans are hoping it is minimal.

CFL news:

Illegal Procedure: CFL Playoff Papers. While the Bombers season might be done there is still plenty of CFL news as the Finals in both the East and West have been set  Conference Finals are here.  Which game is more intriguing to watch?